Will the New Low Emission Zone Reduce the Amount of Motor Vehicles in London?

An initiative of the 2016 London Mayor’s election campaign was to improve engagement with Londoners on the environment. One topic of debate is whether the date of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), originally proposed for September 2020, should be brought forward to 2019. This new ULEZ will cover the same area as the current Congestion Charge Zone (CCZ) already in place in central London. How to reduce the levels of air pollution within London is an ongoing debate with more and more studies showing that the CCZ should be extended. However, citizens are unwilling to pay additional costs for their personal travel. This paper analysis the CCZ over time using visualisations to uncover whether the new, ULEZ will improve congestion in London.

Python, R, Tableau and Plot.ly have all be used in this analysis.

Full Paper

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